Test panels for penetrant inspections

Test panels are used for penetrant-effectiveness testing and result validation, if appropriate. The test panels made under full use of "Know-How" cultivated in abundant experiences are widely used in U.S. and the countries in Europe as well as in Japan.

testpanels@Type 1 reference test block (JIS Z 2343-3/ISO 3452-3) : Reference test blocks for planting crack and 10, 20, 30, 50m in depth are provided.
This is sometimes referred to as the "TESCO PANEL", "TESCO-EISHIN PANEL".

AType 2 reference test block (JIS Z 2343-3/ISO 3452-3) : Reference test-blocks for having two different functions, crack and surface roughness.

BType 3 reference test block (JIS Z 2343-3/ISO 3452-3) : 24S reference test blocks of thermal crack for aluminium (comply with JIS Z 2343-3).

CReference test panels for aluminium comply with ASME : Twin type, 10mm in thickness.

Marking pens

Low-halogen and sulfur type
Marking pens with impurities such as chlorine, fluorine, and sulfur minimized. Used for marking on the surfaces of stainless steels and nickel-titanium alloys. Four colors are provided : black, red, white and blue tip.
Three type of thickness for penpoint, bold / small / fine, are provided.

@ 3.0mm 1.0mm 0.5mm
white @ @
blue @ @



 ChlorineEFluorine content  Less than 200ppm
 Sulfur content  Less than 50ppm

Marking Ink

Marking Ink (black) MB-5
Marking Ink (black) MB-5 was mainly developed for the copper pipes to be tested by eddy current testing. And this Ink is the fast drying type not to break out any detach even after annealing.