Portable yoke electromagnet


To perform magnetic particle inspections conveniently, HANDY MAGNA is an excellent means. Simply contacting magnetic poles directly with inspection objects and applying magnetic particles with the switch held down detects any defects easily. Various types are provided to satisfy inspection requirements.




 A-1  Standard type. Mainly used for welding. With an universal yoke.
 A-2  Small and compact type of A-1 type. Useful for long time inspections.  Universal yoke is an option.
 A-4  Variable yoke type. Used for multi-purposes and applications.
 A-6  Small and compact type of A-4 type.
 TE-2  Spot type. Ideal for local inspections and for carrying.
 TE-3  Model TE-3 is the best for a turbine blade inspection.
 HM-52L  Compact and lightweight   for fillet weld
 HM-76  Compact and lightweight

・Body (with a micro switch)
・5m power cord (3-core, two-type rubber cap tire cable)
・Steel carrying case


1.The AC continuous method achieves higher ability to detect any surface defects by the skin effect.
2.The yoke type, which suppresses a current flowing directly into the tested objects, avoids any possibility of sparking.
3.Small, compact, and 100V power supply (AC) suitable for portable use.
4.Yokes allow the user to use HANDY MAGNA for any shape tested objects.
5.Water-proof switches minimize risks of rare short or shocks to human bodies when wet particles are used.
6.For A-1, A-2, and A-6, their bodies have been connected directly to cable connection so that their strength and water-proofing property are improved.


TYPE A-1 A-2 A-4 A-6 TE-2  HM-52L  HM-76 
 Current AC100V 50/60Hz AC100V 50Hz 
 Rated current(A) 50Hz 4 2.5 4 3.5 1.2  1.4 1.2 
60Hz 3 2.3 3 2.3 0.7 - -
 Magnetic flux(mWb) 50Hz 0.80 0.60 0.70 0.57 0.30 0.32 0.35
60Hz 0.70 0.55 0.57 0.48 0.27 - -
 Magnetic poles opening(mm) 140 110 140 110 70 52 76
 Magnetic pole dimensions(mm) 25×25 20×20 25×25 20×20 15×15 15×15 15×15
 Weight without cable(kg) 3.2 2.0 3.6 2.0 1.2 1.0 1.0

Duty cycle
A-1,A-2, and A-6・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・70%(5sec ON, 2sec OFF)
TE-2,HM-52L,HM-76・・・・・・・・・・・・・・50%(5sec ON, 2sec OFF)

Lifting power (excluding TE-2)・・・・・・・・above 10 pounds
●Voltage and frequency are fixed per your requirements.

4-pole electromagnet

HM-5AXDeveloped specially for inspections on the bottoms of tanks and the welds of pressure vessels. The rotating magnetic field enables the defects in all directions to be detected. Since this type can check for any defect while running, testing performance is improved.


 Magnetizing power(AT) 2400×2 3500×2
 Effective inspection wide 80mm 100mm
 Body weight 4kg 8kg
 Duty cycle 5 sec. ON
5 sec. OFF
5 sec. ON
5 sec. OFF