Magnetic particle inspection equipment


MAGNASTAR consist of various types of components required for magnetic particle inspections such as a magnetizing power supply, a different type of magnetic particle inspection equipment, and a demagnetizer. Select out the desired type appropriate for your inspection objects and inspection requirements. EISHIN also designs and manufactures special-purpose magnetic particle inspection equipment.

Magnetizing power supply

Thyristor type SA-50,60
Thyristor type SA-50,60

To meet all of varied needs, a wide range of types are provided from the portable type to the large system.

Portable type
Designed to be small and compact. This type can be carried easily, so it is useful for outside inspections or when the inspection location is undefined.

Thyristor type
Power supply using the thyristor phase control system. This type provides both of AC and DC magnetic outputs, and a built-in AC automatic attenuation demagnetizer (Models SA-50 and 60 provide a DC pole reversing automatic attenuation demagnetizer as well). Suitable for a wide range of applications from prod magnetizing to large automatic systems.

TDF type
This largest-sized type provides both of AC and DC (three-phase full-wave rectification) outputs and a built-in AC automatic attenuation demagnetizer (a DC pole reversing automatic attenuation demagnetizer as well). Mainly used for the surfaces and subsurface inspections of steel materials, large-sized parts, precise parts, etc.

Magnetic particle inspection equipment


Integrated magnetizing units consisting of magnetizing electrodes, magnetizing coils, a magnetic particle-solution tank, a spray, and a bench with an internal magnetizing power supply.

Training type
Designed specially for training or magnetization testing.

SA type
Standard type and commonly used.

Immersion type
In this type, to perform inspections, the tested materials are immersed into a particle solution. Two types are provided : Model DHS, electrode-pressing type, and Model DHT, clamped type.

Duovec type
Performs inspections of the inspection objects in the longitudinal and circumferential directions simultaneously at one magnetizing operation.

TDF type
In conformance to MIL Standards, designed specially for detecting of aircraft and precise parts.



Demagnetizing power supplies/power units
For complicated-shape parts, it has been very difficult to demagnetize down to 3 gausses or lower so far. This type has overcome such a problem. Combination of a power supply and various types of coils enables the user to select the desired demagnetizing technology.

There are many technologies for demagnitization. Encircling coil or box-type demagnetizers are commonly used. With the encircling coil type, demagnetization can be done in several ways satisfying the user's needs. The box-type is useful for inspections on small-article parts and thin steel sheets.